June, 2022
Rotterdam, NL

Dear reader,

      In 1969, James Lee Byars made his performance World Question Center ⤴︎, where he telephoned some of the “world’s most brilliant minds” during a live radio and tv broadcasting, and asked them the question they were asking themselves at the moment. The result would be a room that collected a synthesis of all thoughts.

      Today, beyond any intention of collecting knowledge of “brilliant minds” and asking them questions, we instead acknowledge questions as companions to their process. Companions that , , , , . We are asking different practitioners and readers to share their current questions. They can be related to anything that comes to their mind constantly or not.

When creating, thinking, reading, sharing or

What are the questions that accompany you?


      The idea is to gather these questions and share them with others like you as a subtle way to circulate questions/companions letting ourselves permeate by other questions/companions.

      All questions will be published anonymously, but if you your will appear in the colophon of the project.

Thank you so much for your time,

attempt ⤴︎